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CyanogenMod 10 preview build now available for Verizon's Galaxy Nexus


We know it didn't take much time for the Tenth iteration of that CM greatness to reach Google's popular Nexus 7 and Samsung's most colossal Galaxy handset on the block, but one other Android big shot was still yet to join the "preview build" bash. The marvelous news is Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners can now also take part in the early adoption process, as CyanogenMod's Brint Kriebel has said via Mountain View's social network that CM10 for Big Red's GNex is out and up for grabs. That said, he's let it be known the goods aren't exactly fully baked, though he has been rockin' it as his "daily driver" for about two weeks -- which, needless to say, is quite a good sign. Those interested in going a step further can hit up bekit's Google+ page, where you'll find the rest of the underlying details.

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