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Rumor: PlayStation All-Stars characters and stages leak all over the place [Update]


A slew of images reportedly pulled from a private beta of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale shows off many of the game's characters and stages. An original image posted by Reddit user 696Ly is a leak in the truest sense of the word, as the word "leak" is written all over the picture (seen here).

More visible images of 14 stages and 12 characters from the game were posted online by NeoGAF user miladesn. The images appear to be pulled from the game's stage and character select screens, including the BioShock Infinite-inspired "Columbia" stage seen above. We've reached out to Sony for confirmation.

Update: The files pulled from the beta version of the game and posted to the thread on NeoGAF indicate that some of the characters listed may be unlockable. Additionally, one file name lists an evil version of Cole McGrath from the inFamous series as playable, who is also shown in the leaked character images.

The characters in the leaked images are:
Based on the leaked file information, the following characters are also listed as playable:

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