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Next-gen iPhone parts purportedly leak again, get assembled sans innards (update: video)

Joe Pollicino

Ready for another supposed look at the next-gen Apple iPhone? Matching up with previous leaks we've reported on, the elongated iPhone body with a miniaturized docking port and brushed metal back has appeared again, this time courtesy of iLab Factory. While many of its parts look astoundingly similar to what we've already seen, this is the first time we've gotten a solid look at it fully assembled from all angles -- well, aside from the missing SIM card holder. While most of its all-important innards are clearly absent, this assembly does come complete with what appears to be the locking ribbons for the screen and home button. As always, grab the obligatory spoonful of sodium chloride, then check it out for yourself at the gallery and links below.

Update: Japanese site Macotakara (via PhoneArena) has published a video of the above chassis being taken apart and generally manhandled. It's embedded after the break.

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