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An extra large look at the 3DS XL


The 3DS XL is big.

... Okay, maybe it isn't as big as our novelty Fire Emblem eraser makes it seem, but as a system whose main selling point is its bigness relative to the previous Nintendo 3DS, it succeeds handily.

In addition to plenty of close-up pictures of our review unit, we also made sure to take plenty of comparison pictures, to help you comprehend its enormity in context. What does that giant screen look like compared to the Vita's huge screen? How big is a 3DS XL compared to a Game Gear? Find out in our gallery.

And after the break, see the 3DS XL's vast screens compared to the now-petite screens on the original 3DS. We ran 3DS games, videos, and even a DS game (Game Center CX 2, the only DS game we had two copies of) simultaneously. We also compared both DS display modes - stretched and native – on both devices. A DS game running in native resolution on the 3DS XL displays in roughly the same size as a stretched DS game on a 3DS!

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