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Judge denies Apple's bid to move Kodak suit to new court


Apple has suffered another setback in its attempts to stop the bankrupt Kodak from auctioning off a series of patents.

After Apple's previous attempt to stop the auction wholesale failed, the company appealed to try to move the case from bankruptcy court to a local district court, which Apple said would be more experienced and better equipped to handle a case like this. But last week, a judge in the case denied Apple's request for a change of venue, cutting off one more argument from Apple against these patents being auctioned off.

This case has been a messy one. Kodak has filed complaints in the case that have been dismissed by the judges involved. In the end, it might all be a moot point anyway. If Apple can't stop the sale of Kodak's patents, it could simply buy them, and Kodak has already accused Apple of trying to bring the patents' sale price down by questioning their legality. The auction is currently set to take place next month.

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