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MechWarrior Online answers questions about Founder status

Eliot Lefebvre

If you can't wait for the chance to stomp around the battlefield in your very own BattleMech, you probably gave the fine people behind MechWarrior Online your money for the Founder Package as soon as it was available. But perhaps you waited a little longer and have discovered that you still have none of the promised beta access, or perhaps you weren't even sure when the beta access would begin. Fear not, as Piranha Games has posted a brief update clarifying these matters.

Founders should already have access to the game's closed beta, with any recent purchasers receiving it shortly after the transaction clears. However, there was a glitch on the servers last weekend that resulted in some purchasers not being granted beta access as intended. Founders without access should contact customer support for help in resolving that matter, but most everyone affected should be free to log in to the test servers now and start blasting away.

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