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Rumor: Apple holding an iPhone event on September 12


We've been doing our best to keep unfounded rumors to a minimum around here, just because Apple hype can sometimes get a little high. But this is one that's passed the sniff test already, so much so that you might as well try keeping your calendar clear for September 12.

That's the rumored date of a possible iPhone event held by Apple, according to a growing list of sources. iMore heard the date first, then AllThingsD's sources also corroborated, saying there will be an event that week. Now Jim Dalrymple at The Loop has given his confirmational "Yep" to the pile of evidence.

TUAW's sources give 9/12 a "99%" thumbs-up as well, but we should point out that Apple's fiscal forecasting calls for profit margins to drop based on a product transition in the quarter ending September 30. That means that any new products coming that late in the quarter would have to be high-impact indeed to have a substantial an effect on profit margins. Pre-orders for a new iPhone (or a revised, smaller iPad) starting in mid-September, assuming that both products are more expensive to manufacture than the current incarnations, might move the needle enough to make the margin guidance come out as expected.

At any rate, it's enough to circle the date -- in pencil, at least. Don't get out the pen until Apple gives an official announcement, but if September 12 is indeed the day, we'll expect that to show up in the next couple of weeks.

[hat tip Engadget]

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