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Breakfast Topic: Looking forward to Mists of Pandaria, back on the past

Dawn Moore

In my experience, the time between expansions tends to be a time of anticipation and reflection. We all wonder what the next expansion will hold and whether it will be as good as something from the past that we hold in very high esteem. Browsing the latest blue posts yesterday, I saw a forum thread on the EU forums that poses a question along those lines: What are your best memories of your time playing WoW?

The original poster describes how they felt when they first arrived in Shattrath City, explaining that they had only just started playing around the release of The Burning Crusade and made reaching the city their goal. As for why this quaint little forum post showed up while searching for blue posts, it seems Draztal had some warm, fuzzy memories to share about playing a night elf and seeing Hellfire Peninsula.

For me, my fondest memories involve completely owning the Alliance in Alterac Valley during The Burning Crusade. My then boyfriend and our best friend would grind honor together when we weren't doing 3v3 arena, and working together in a battleground, even a large one like AV, had a tremendous impact on the course of the game. As a disc priest, I've never had as much fun playing WoW as I did when I was PvPing with my friends.

Of course, looking back on it now, it's hard to ignore that even in those good times, there were bad times. My boyfriend and I were going through a long, drawn-out break-up, the best friend was constantly whining about wanting to quit, and resto druids were really stupidly overpowered. It sort of makes me think that even our fondest memories sometimes have downsides that we let ourselves forget.

That in turn makes me wonder why we as a playerbase get so worked up over things we don't like, when reading about the features of the next expansion. Does it really matter that everything in Mists of Pandaria isn't absolutely perfect? Maybe it doesn't ... Maybe I'll still have lots of good memories in this expansion (even if resto druids are still overpowered).

What do you think?

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