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Fanhattan updates iOS app with WatchList feature, content from Cinemax, HBO and NBC


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Fanhattan's often been praised for offering a one-stop hub where folks can keep track of all their cherished entertainment shows, which has led it to become a crowd favorite amongst iOS users. Well, today the application's expanding its TV guide services a little more, announcing it's now showing content from 10 new providers, including HBO, Cinemax, NBC and, better yet, The CW -- you know, because we just can't miss out on the latest Gossip Girl episodes. In addition to these channel inclusions, Fanhattan's also introduced a novel, Amazon-esque WatchList feature that pushes out alerts as soon as added shows (movies, too) are ready to be watched. If you've yet to give the handy application a try, you can do so now by grabbing it at no cost from Cupertino's well-known app mart.

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