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Sleeping Dogs gets limited edition in Hong Kong


Clearly, Hong Kong gamers are getting the bost bang for their buck when it comes to the limited edition of Sleeping Dogs. Square Enix is tossing in four different content packs and enveloping Sleeping Dogs in some custom packaging, according to Siliconera.

The George St-Pierre pack is modeled after the MMA fighter of the same name, and includes the fighter's signature outfit and "flying punch" move for use in-game, and increased throw and grapple damage. The Police Protection pack unlocks an exclusive mission, SWAT car, SWAT outfit and rifle. The Martial Arts pack unlocks a shaolin warrior outfit and training dummy granting combat buffs. Finally, the Deep Undercover pack gives players a special undercover car and "plain clothes" costume, making it harder for criminals to detect undercover officer and protagonist Wei Shen.

Our more astute readers will recognize all of these packs as pre-order bonuses for various retailers here in the US, announced back in April. Sleeping Dogs – Hong Kong Edition will launch in Hong Kong on August 17 for 388 HKD, which comes out to about 50 US dollars.

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