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The Daily to cut 50 staff members, switches to vertical-only layout

Mel Martin

All Things Digital's Peter Kafka is reporting that The Daily expects to tell 50 of its 170 employees that they're being laid off.

Of those positions, 29 were full-time staff members. The Daily's Editor-in-Chief Jesse Angelo said sports coverage will be handled by content partners, such as Fox Sports, and the standalone opinion section will be eliminated.

The Daily launched with a great deal of fanfare 18 months ago originally on the iPad. It quickly added other editions as well, but never got subscriptions much beyond 120,000. It had dropped below 100,000 subscriptions by its first anniversary in February.

Earlier this month we reported comments from Angelo suggesting to staff that they ignore "the haters" and pay no attention to rumors about troubles at the digital publication.

All Things Digital reports The Daily will continue to try and save money by going to a portrait-only layout, instead of the current version that can also be read in a landscape orientation. It plans to keep releasing its new weekend edition.

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