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Entry Retina MacBook Pro now available with 512 GB, 768 GB drives


In a silent update to the online Apple Store, the entry-level model of the MacBook Pro with Retina display gained a few configure-to-option upgrades that can now be selected by buyers eager for the latest MacBook Pro.

Initially, the entry-level Retina MacBook Pro could only get an upgrade from the standard 8 GB of RAM to 16 GB; no upgrades to faster processors or more storage than 256 GB were available without moving to the high-end model. Now Apple's made it possible to select from the base 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel i7 CPU, a 2.6 GHz model (for $100 more) or a 2.7 GHz version (for an extra US$350).

Even better, there are now larger storage options available for the base Retina MacBook Pro. Instead of just the 256 GB SSD, you now have the choice of a 512 GB drive for $500 more or a 768 GB monster SSD for a cool $1000.

However, before you rush to the Apple online store and order your new Retina MacBook Pro you might want to wait until things settle down a bit. Some commenters at MacRumors were reporting issues with adding the new options to their shopping cart, while others couldn't even see the new options.

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