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FIFA 13 launching with Wii U, gets all touchy


EA announced FIFA 13 for Wii U at today's EA Summer Showcase event, and the game's live demo features new touch controls using the Wii U GamePad.

Among the new GamePad-oriented features is Team Management Control, in which players can perform substitutions, select formations, and control individual players' offensive and defensive tactics. Shaking the GamePad activates the game's Touch Screen Shooting, a feature that places a soccer net on the handheld screen for players to tap, guiding their shots into the net with more precision.

The Wii U version's co-op mode allows four players to take to the field while another player uses the GamePad to manage the action using Team Management Control as well. FIFA 13 for Wii U will continue to use the series' Player Impact Engine, and is slated to launch alongside the system later this year.

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