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iShower is ready to get wet: water-resistant Bluetooth speaker now shipping for $100

Zachary Lutz

Move over, Pantene, because you may need to make room for a new addition to showers across the globe. That's because the iShower, a water-resistant music system for use as you get squeaky clean, is now shipping for $100. Despite its name, the iShower should have no trouble playing the compatibility game, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity with support for up to five paired devices. What's more, you won't need to bust out the tools to install the iShower, as the mounting system's built-in adhesive lets you pretend to be a handyman without doing any real work -- the unit can also be hung over the shower head if you're wary of sticky residue. The music system runs on three AA batteries and provides up to 15 hours of sudsy listening time, and there's even a built-in clock, for those unfortunate mornings when you need to cut the rock operas short. To see the system in action, just hop the break for a demonstration of the iShower from the company's CEO.

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