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Use Eve to learn Mac OS X shortcuts


Eve is a brilliant little program that I just installed on my MacBook -- it's got one function only, and that is simply to pop up on the screen whenever you do something with your mouse, and remind you that there's a way to do it with your keyboard.

I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts, but I have a terrible memory for them, and Eve is designed to fix exactly that problem. Most people know Command-X, Command-C, and Command-V for cut, copy and paste, but I often forget about other shortcuts for common tasks, so I'm hoping Eve can help me build up some muscle memory for them.

Eve is an open source project, so it's being added to all the time (and it looks like a "learned button" is one of the first features on the list, which makes a lot of sense -- you wouldn't want a warning to keep showing up after you've learned the shortcut). It's free to download. This kind of instant feedback could be just what you're looking for if you want to increase your keyboard-fu.

[via OTW & Lifehacker]

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