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ASRock Vision 3D 252B reviewed: a quiet, top-shelf HTPC worthy of the premium price

Zachary Lutz

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Sure, we know there's great temptation to go the DIY route when considering your next HTPC, but if you're looking for a small form factor solution, there are legitimate advantages inherent to prebuilt systems. HotHardware just put the ASRock Vision 3D 252B through a rigorous review, and while it isn't the newest rig on the block, it's said to be worthy of your consideration just the same. At the system's heart, you'll find a Core i5 2520M -- which is from the Sandy Bridge era -- but the diminutive computer is said to provide flawless playback of all media types. Other high points include the system's quiet operation and low power consumption, and in summation, "The component choices, connectivity options, and form factor all hit the sweet spot." While the roughly $900 price may deter some, HotHardware recommends the Vision 3D 252B as a worthwhile HTPC that provides better connectivity options and a smaller size than the DIY alternative.

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