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David Pogue's iPhone lost, searched for, found, world safe for kittens


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Are you sitting? You'd better be sitting down for this one. Go ahead, we'll wait -- safety first. Sitting now? Ok, here we go: David Pogue lost his iPhone.

Don't worry, don't worry! It's ok -- he found it eventually. Pogue, author and personal tech columnist for the New York Times, lost track of his iPhone on an Amtrak train back from Philadelphia, and after searching for it on the train he discovered that it had been taken and powered down.

Later, Pogue's phone reappeared online, so he was able to spot its location. After he tweeted out pictures of the location via Find my iPhone, Gizmodo tracked down the house corresponding to the GPS signal, and the local Prince George's County police stopped by to see what they could do.

We hate to spoil the big reveal (which Pogue has posted to his NYT blog), but the happy ending is that David Pogue has been reunited with his iPhone, and all's right with the world once more.

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