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Grid 2 announcement teased

Xav de Matos, @Xav

It looks like Codemasters is poised to bring its Grid racing series back for another lap. Earlier today we saw the teaser trailer above, which depicts a car spinning its wheels, followed by a logo identical to the one used by the original Grid in 2008, save for the extra "2."

According to the trailer, "The Race Returns" on August 8, 2012. Codemasters further teased the video on its official Twitter account. "This looks... interesting?" the company wrote, before doling out the obligatory promotional hashtag, #TheRaceReturns.

Codemasters was partly acquired by Indian company Reliance Big Entertainment in 2010, after which it promised another Grid game. "In Southam it's full steam ahead with the next iteration in our Flashpoint series, as well as the next Dirt and Grid," said Gavin Cheshire, former VP of studios at Codemasters and current CEO of Caperfly. We guess they've been gassing up the cars this whole time.

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