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iHeartRadio hearts Ouya; U4iA crafting 'Offensive Combat' port


Beyond its use as an Android-based gaming console, and its use as an OnLive streaming device, Ouya is also a radio, apparently. iHeartRadio announced its intention to partner with Ouya this morning via Kickstarter, which will bring the usual selection of iHeartRadio functionality to the $99 console (streaming actual radio stations, creating custom stations, etc.). For non-US streamers, don't fret! Ouya says it is "actively reaching out to international partners as well."

Also of note, iOS/Android first-person shooter Offensive Combat is headed to the Ouya. Developer U4iA said of the news, "Given that consoles are so expensive and face an uncertain future, Ouya stands out as the perfect example of an afford home-entertainment platform created specifically for core gamers like us." CEO Dusty Welch also said he "can't wait to bring all-new games in the Offensive Combat universe to the Ouya platform." Whoa Dusty, slow down there!

Ouya's Kickstarter page is just five days away from completion, and as of this writing has approximately $6.5 million accrued. That is well over its original $950K goal.

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