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Mists of Pandaria leveling dungeon bosses in 5 seconds


The new Mists of Pandaria leveling dungeons are brilliant -- they really are, a great mixture of fun and fear, of straightforward bosses and panic-inducing fights. But if you're on the beta now, trying to push through these dungeons, you might not want wordy explanations of just exactly where to stand, what to hit and what to interrupt. Your teammates certainly might not like them and will probably have pulled the boss before you're done typing your ninth message explaining the finer details of boss abilities.

Certainly by the time these dungeons hit live servers, you're going to encounter a bunch of players who don't have a clue about the basic strategies. Nobody likes to wait around and read the dungeon journal to try to work out how to deal with abilities. So here we are with some very, very short, and only slightly sweet guides to explain the bosses in five seconds.

Of course, we also provide full walk-through guides for these dungeons, and for the goldilocks group that doesn't want guides too detailed or too brief, we have the 5 things you need to know guides, which give you just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

So, it should be obvious from the 5-second rule that these guides are not in-depth, not comprehensive, and might not be enough information for tanks and healers particularly. But they're fast and eminently copy-able into in-game chat without risking too much ire from your cohorts.

Let's get started.

Stormstout Brewery (levels 85 to 90)

  • Ook Ook Avoid the barrels or jump onto them by clicking them. Run away from his Ground Pound AoE. Use a survival cooldown when he Goes Bananas.
  • Hoptallus Avoid his Carrot Breath and whirlwind (Furlwind). Click the hammers, then use the extra action button to kill adds.
  • Yan/Zhu the Uncasked Have someone stay near him. There'll be two of a few abilities. Avoid the suds walls by jumping, click bubbles to escape the floor, move away from the group with Bloat, move around with Blackout Brew, kill the Bubble Shield, intercept add beams and kill adds.

Temple of the Jade Serpent (levels 85 to 90)
  • Wise Mari Avoid all water, especially puddles dropped by elemental adds when they die. Run ahead of the rotating water blast; don't soak it.
  • Lorewalker Stonestep DPS only one of either Strife or Peril until it has unhealable stacks of Intensity, then switch to the other. Blow cooldowns if stacks get too high. Kill suns, tank shas, heal through Zao's random damage.
  • Liu Flameheart Tank in the middle. Avoid waves of flame and really, really don't stand in green circles on the floor. Dispel the fire DoT ASAP.
  • Sha of Doubt Dispel Touch of Nothingness ASAP. Stack and nuke adds with DPS cooldowns during purple phase, or they heal the boss.

Mogu'shan Palace (levels 87 to 90)
  • Trial of the King Kill the lion ASAP. Heal through his damage until he's dead. Escape Magnetic Field ASAP. Avoid whirlwinds and cones. Watch out for Conflagrate casts and get target away from group or group away from target. Share Meteor damage.
  • Gekkan CC as many adds as possible until they get Reckless Inspiration and are immune. Interrupt other adds, particularly the Oracle's Cleansing Flame. When adds die, Gekkan takes more damage. Gekkan's death doesn't kill adds.
  • Xin the Weaponmaster Locate a lion's head on the wall and stand opposite it to avoid daggers. Run out of cone effects and rings of fire, avoid whirlwinds. Blow survival cooldowns if he gets to use Crossbow Trap.

Shado-Pan Monastery (levels 87 to 90)
  • Gu Cloudstrike Don't stand in lightning. Turn the dragon away from the group. On Magnetic Shroud, stack up and spam big heals onto one player.
  • Master Snowdrift Get behind him during Fists of Fury, run from Tornado Kick. Dodge flying bolts. Parry Stance is not for hittings.
  • The Sha of Violence Dispel disorient if you have time. Run from whirling smoke, or enjoy 100% less crit chance and additional damage. Move from light puddles before spikes appear. Adds only live for 30 seconds. He enrages at 30% health; use healing/survival cooldowns if needed.
  • Taran Zhu Use Meditate early and often when the fight's going well to empty your Hate bar. Ranged DPSers, kill Gripping Hatreds ASAP. Avoid whirling shadowbolts; use a survival cooldown if you get knocked into them.

It's open warfare between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's next expansion. Jump into five new levels with new talents and class mechanics, try the new monk class, and create a pandaren character to ally with either Horde or Alliance. Look for expansion basics in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for more details!

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