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Ragnarok Online's War of Emperium event launches August 7th

MJ Guthrie

Although Ragnarok Online recently introduced a classic server for fans who wanted to play the free-to-play fantasy game just like it was in the old days, that hasn't stopped Gravity Interactive from expanding and updating the game on the other servers. And one of those updates is the War of Emperium event that is set to launch on August 7th.

In this new update, cracks in reality have appeared deep within the Halls of Abyss and an entrance to the Unknown Dimension has been discovered. Players will compete for these rare and coveted dimensional cracks. Producer Jason Koerperich states, "This WoE update is just the thing to spark that community competition! The new War of Emperium is a combined PvP and PvE mechanic that will pit players against each other in new ways."

Players can keep an eye on the official facebook page for full details on the events as the week unfolds.

[Source: Gravity Interactive press release]

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