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SOE's John Smedley tackles an epic AMA


What do you get when the president of SOE steps up to the mic at Reddit and tells the crowd to ask him anything? You get everything ranging from the NGE to former employee critiques to humble origin stories.

The crowd didn't waste time getting John Smedley to apologize for Star Wars Galaxies' NGE once again. "Stupid decisions. Complete and utter fail and I am very sorry," he said. After that, the topic quickly turned to SOE's rising star, PlanetSide 2.

Smedley said that he's been closely involved with the design of PS2. With the beta beginning on Monday, he also assured the crowd that it should take around two to three weeks to include everyone who has keys. He said that the game's coming along swimmingly: "I play the game three to four hours a day now. It's rough but fun as hell."

Smedley also admitted that SOE is working on additional undisclosed IPs. When asked about SWTOR's transition to F2P, he stated, "It is the only way to go for new games. It was the right decision for SWTOR (which is a fantastic game). Wait until you see our next round of games after PS2."

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