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Warcraft movie takes on Charles Leavitt for scriptwriting

Anne Stickney

The last we heard of the fabled Warcraft movie, Sam Raimi was off the project and instead devoting his time to current projects. Lest you think that's the last we'll hear of the film, Variety reports that there's a new name attached to the film -- not a director, a writer. Charles Leavitt is apparently penning the latest script for the upcoming film, and he's no stranger to fantasy, having just finished work on The Seventh Son, based on the novel The Spook's Apprentice by Joseph Delany. Leavitt's other works include Blood Diamond, The Mighty, and K-PAX.

And as it turns out, Warcraft isn't the only game film that Legendary Entertainment has in development. They're working on an adaptation of Bioware's Mass Effect as well. Although none of this is very much information about when the film itself will arrive, the fact that we're hearing more about it than we have in years is encouraging. Perhaps we'll see Azeroth hit the silver screen after all -- and hopefully sooner rather than later.

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