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No Doubt vs Activision goes to trial October 15


The lawsuit between the band No Doubt and Activision, first filed way back in 2009, finally, finally has a court date. After Activision failed to have the suit dismissed in 2010, the suit will go to trial on October 15, reports GameSpot.

The suit alleges that the band's likeness was used in an unauthorized manner in Band Hero (remember music games?). No Doubt takes exception to the fact that players can use its band members' avatars to perform any song in the game, even those that aren't by No Doubt. Singer Gwen Stefani was particularly riled about the fact that her avatar could be used to sing songs with male vocalists, with the suit claiming the band's inclusion was tantamount to a "virtual karaoke circus act."

Come October 15, the case will go forward in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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