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IDC: Apple tops in mobile revenue, operating profits


AllThingsD's John Paczkowski, reporting on some of the numbers released by IDC last week, notes that although Samsung shipped almost double the number of smartphones that Apple did, it makes absolutely no difference because Apple "far outshines its rivals in both revenue and operating profits."

Apple shipped only 6 percent of the industry total of smartphones and tablets, yet thanks to its immense gross margins the company pulled in 43 percent of the industry's revenues (above) and 77 percent of the operating profits (below).

Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt said it best -- "Ultimately, profits are the feedstock of innovation; and, innovation drives profits. Until Samsung starts generating more profits than Apple, we would not be overly concerned with who has the unit share lead. Remember, HP and Dell still sell a lot more PCs than Apple sells Macs, but does it matter?"

That sound you hear is Apple laughing all the way to the bank...

IDC Apple tops in mobile revenue, operating profits

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