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MV Guide: August 6 - 12, 2012

Shawn Schuster

MV Guide is a weekly rundown of the MMO gaming events planned on Massively TV.

Every week, the Massively Stream Team logs in to play various MMOs live and in person, and we'd love for you to drop by the channel and visit. We have a combination of regular weekly games and new surprises each week, so you'll find a variety of titles to watch. During our streamed events, you can participate in the live chat, ask questions to learn about the game, or simply spend some time with Massively staff and readers. (Of course, streaming is subject to the whims of outside forces like server-side gremlins once in a while.)

Follow along after the jump to see what's on this week's schedule, and let us know if there's a specific game you'd like to see streamed next week!


5:00 p.m. EDT: Beau -- Allods Online
Allods Online came in second place in the latest Choose My Adventure vote, so Beau thought it would be a neat idea to revisit the game. After all, it's been a long time since anyone has given it a new, fair shake... so now's the time. Look for the full write-up in Rise and Shiny!

7:00 p.m. EDT: Mike -- EVE Online
EVE Online is a brutal place. In last week's stream, Mike lost no fewer than four ships. So this week, we'll be taking it easy with some mission running and perhaps a little jetcan mining. Of course, in EVE, there's always a chance that things could go horribly wrong. So tune in and see how Mike screws up even the safest of tasks.

8:00 p.m. EDT: Beau -- The Kingdom of Loathing
It's time for Beau to put the KoL votes in action! If you voted last week for Choose My Adventure, watch as Beau picks his class, the starting area, and the item you told him to buy. Then, you can wait until the next vote and start again!


10:00 a.m. EDT: Richie -- RaiderZ
What's better than battling colossal monsters that pick you up, throw you, and eat you alive? Killing those same baddies and stealing their treasure, of course! And that's exactly what Richie plans to do this week while checking out the RaiderZ closed beta. This free-to-play monster-hunting MMO promises to be quite a challenge urging players to "Hunt together or die alone." Let's hope it's more the former than the latter.

9:00 p.m. EDT: MJ -- EverQuest II
What's a beach without a beach party? Join MJ in the Sinking Sands this EverQuest Two-sday to explore some dungeons, complete some Legend and Lore quests, and generally kick sand in the faces of the enemy!


2:30 p.m. EDT: Blake -- Star Wars: The Old Republic
Blake is back for multiple Lunchtime Livecasts this week! Take a break from the Olympics and check in with Blake as he heads back in to the world of Star Wars for Lunchtime Livecast #26! It's been rumored for a while, and The Old Republic is going free-to-play. What does it mean? He'll have all the analysis and opinion you need.

7:00 p.m. EDT: MJ -- DC Universe Online
Just as super heroes come in all shapes and sizes (and more importantly, costumes!), so do super hero games. And this time around, MJ takes to the skies in DC Universe Online. With villainous evil-doers afoot, can she swoop in and save the day? Does it really matter? She gets to wander the streets of Gotham!

8:00 p.m. EDT: Mike -- World of Tanks
Yes, it's time for World of Tanks again! And yes, Mike is getting even better. Last week we rained devastation down upon our enemies with artillery, so this week we'll focus on a more "up close and personal" variety of combat. Which, of course, usually results in the expensive loss of tanks. Tune in and find out what happens when a tank rookie is dropped in a live battlefield and asked to do the impossible: survive.


5:00 pm EDT: Beau -- Dark Blood
Join Beau as he streams this brand new action-packed MMO from Outspark. What will Beau find? Who knows... this will be the first time he's really played the game. If his past Outspark streams are any indication, he's in for a world of hurt!

8:00 p.m. EDT: MJ -- The Secret World
You spoke and MJ listened! Grab your rain slicker because this time the party will be in London. By popular demand, MJ will throw together a Templar to check out that introductory story.


8:00 p.m. EDT: MJ -- Aion
So far, MJ's attempts at getting dungeon groups at the right time haven't been the most successful, but that's certainly not going to stop her! After all, maybe this week's the lucky week. So which will it be? Her sights are set on the Nochsana Training Camp, but where she ends up depends on whom she can wrangle into a group. Hey, if a Beshmundir Temple group falls in her lap, she'll definitely jump on it!





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