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Rumor: Apple to add smaller Dock connector to all iOS devices this fall


iMore and other sources are reporting that the smaller Dock connector design that is expected to debut with the new iPhone this fall will also be included in revisions to other iOS mobile devices.

The smaller connectors have been seen on alleged images of the new iPhone and on case designs, but now the word is that new versions of the iPod nano, iPod touch, and 9.7-inch iPad will feature the new connector, as well as the rumored 7-inch iPad mini.

As iMore notes, it's been a while since the iPod line has been refreshed, so updating those devices with a new and consistent Dock connector design isn't out of the question. However, the iPad was refreshed in March of this year, meaning that an update to the design to address connector consistency and heat issues would fall outside of the normal release schedule.

Apple did refer to a number of "new products in the pipeline" during the Q3 FY 2012 earnings call, so perhaps an update to the existing iPad isn't exactly out of the question. Only time will tell, and as the rumored September 12 announcement date gets closer we'll hear even more speculation.

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