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Rumor: Screenshot of Prince of Persia reboot leaked


Prince of Persia forumite blueobelix has posted what he asserts is a "leaked screenshot" from a Prince of Persia game, labeled "POP_ZERO_2." Judging from the image, the game is a reboot that boots the series all the way into Egypt, and features a more muscular, darker-skinned protagonist.

If authentic, it's clearly an early image, unless this new Prince has the ability to make bystanders hover. The name "Prince of Persia Zero" has been used internally as a name for a reboot. Former art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête used the name in an interview with CVG, in reference to either the released 2008 game or a cancelled "modern" spinoff (it isn't clear which reboot he names as such in the context). In either case, "Zero 2" would suggest another spinoff or reboot.

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