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Sony introduces 'PlayStation Collections,' kicks it off with 'God of War Saga' and Infamous Collection [update]


Sony announced two new PS3 collections this morning as part of its "PlayStation Collections" initiative. First: God of War Saga, collecting all three console God of War games with the God of War Origins Collection (both PSP games) and "exclusive bonus content." What could that be? Also of note, the entire collection is "remastered for HD" and all games have trophy support. Guess that rumor was valid, eh?

Infamous is also getting a collection, which ... collects the first two Infamous titles, the PSN game Festival of Blood, and the ambiguously phrased "extra missions." There's also some other in-game content included ("additional character costumes, power ups and weapon styles").

The games "start at" $30, and the various content will also be available in an a la carte form via PSN (albeit without the swanky additional goods). The God of War Saga and Infamous Collection join Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation Collections bus, and Sony promises "additional news in the coming weeks" on other franchises we might see end up getting the collection treatment. If we were betting men (and we are), we'd wager that said news will pop up next week during Gamescom 2012. Just a guess.

Update: Sony says God of War Saga and Infamous Collection will cost $39.99 apiece. Still a pretty good deal, even at $10 more than the Ratchet & Clank Collection.

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