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'The Other Brothers' pays homage to Mario Bros., needs to be paid for


Only you can decide what to do with your own hard-earned income, and in today's rapid digital society we know your purse strings are being pulled in many different directions at any given time. Kickstarter can pinch your pennies all on its own, so it's important to be particular – and particularly, The Other Brothers looks like it could be a worthwhile, wonderful investment.

The Other Brothers is an homage to Mario Bros. and the retro platformers of yore, created by a team of industry veterans such as 3D artist Thomas Pasieka and Björn Hurri, lead artist at Opus Artz who has worked on Dead Space 2, BioShock Infinite, the Total War franchise and other mainstream IPs. The Other Brothers is being developed on Unity and it looks to have a gorgeous grasp of the cheek and charm of old-school platformers.

The Other Brothers needs to raise $50,000 to finish the game and have it out this fall, and it has already raised more than $10,000, with 22 days to go. The developers would like to see it on PC, Mac and mobile first, with options for Linux, Ouya and more if the money comes through. Check out the game's full description and reward tiers here.

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