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Apple reportedly to stop running "Genius" TV ads


You know those "Genius" Apple ads that started running the night of the Olympic Games opening ceremony? They feature a friendly Apple genius in his trademarked blue T-shirt and with his ID hanging around his neck, helping airline passengers and the husband of a woman who was going into labor, as well as consoling a guy who had purchased a skinny "just like a Mac" ultrabook. Well, those ads haven't been seen much during the Games, and now the word on the street is that they have been pulled.

Mashable talked to a rep for Apple's ad agency -- TBWA/Media/Arts Lab -- who said that the ads were only intended for a run during the first weekend of the Games. The ads didn't seem to thrill audiences the way that most Apple advertising does. Mashable noted that the latest Siri ad featuring film director Martin Scorsese had about 6,000 "likes" on YouTube and about 700 "dislikes." For the "Basically" ad (see screenshot above), the ratio was almost even -- around 4,000 "likes" and "dislikes."

Does this mean that Apple pulled the ad because of a lukewarm response? Possibly not. Companies have been known to create short-run ads for specific high-viewership shows. It remains to be seen if Apple will restart the ads in the future.

[via AppleInsider]

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