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Fallen Earth previews its next big update

Eliot Lefebvre

The past month has been a quiet one for Fallen Earth on the update front. As the latest development blog entry explains, this was largely due to the team working on clearing out some persistent bugs and improving the overall quality of life for players. But there are new updates in the works, and the blog entry explains that the game's next major update is right around the corner, complete with powerful new weapons for players to assemble.

Of course, you can't expect for these new weapons to just drop into your lap. So it probably comes as no real surprise that the components needed for the powerful G.O.R.E. weapons can be found in an old GlobalTech dump site that now hosts a creeper den guarded by the massive Crabbahoak. Or that the Cult of the Dead has sprung up again to use the G.O.R.E. technology to further its own ends. In other words, it's going to be quite a struggle to get these new weapons -- and that's the way that most Fallen Earth players would prefer it to be.

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