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Guild Wars 2 interview touches on mobile app development and structured PvP

MJ Guthrie

During a recent interview, ArenaNet discussed the topic of Guild Wars 2 mobile applications for players. The studio explained that although there won't be any mobile apps at the game's launch, shortly after it will be "launching a robust app development program in conjunction with [its] community that should allow for the development of some truly spectacular GW2 app and website development."

The topic of structured PvP also received attention. ArenaNet states that the most important goals behind this feature are accessibility and support, and it was to make PvP "skill-based to keep players playing." Part of doing that is to focus on the structured PvP mode known as Conquest and do it well. However, the studio also posted that it would like to introduce more game types at some point.

Other topics also touched on were lore, weapons, events, and the new player experience. You can read more details in the full interview.

[Thanks to Steven for the tip!]

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