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Player banks $10,000 with Diablo III

A gamer who says he's been interested in item markets and economics since he started trading in Neopets is seeing that interest pay off in Diablo III. Redditor WishboneTheDog posted some screenshots lending proof to his impressive claim of making $10,000 with Diablo III's real money auction house. Then he invited other players to ask him (almost) anything.

He said he'd never botted, scammed, or otherwise cheated at all in his efforts because trading in item markets is part of how he has fun, so it "wouldn't make sense" to cheat. He wrote,
Gold is like a foreign currency. It represents value, but only within the specific game world. You can't use gold to buy things in stores in the US, just like you can't use Yen to buy things in those stores. If, however, you can convert that currency to a usable one, it has an "exchange rate." Gold has an exchange rate exactly like a foreign currency has. (Except gold is more easily exchanged than 90% of the currencies in the world.)

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