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Allods Online expansion launches today, new trailer released

MJ Guthrie

Players waiting to build and claim their own allods can finally dig in and start construction now that Allods Online's expansion New Horizons has finally arrived. Besides the ability to own your own personal island, the expansion introduces a rebalanced Psionicist class, the ability to change factions, and a new draconic aspect. Check out these features and more in the new trailer after the break.

In addition, as part of the celebration of opening the new North American server Avilon, players who log into the game for at least one hour from August 8th through the 21st are entered into a raffle each day for a chance to win real prizes. Check out the official announcement for full details about the lottery and prizes.

For more details about the expansion, read Massively's exclusive interview. And be sure to stay tuned for a Rise and Shiny revisit to the game later in the week.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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