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Indie Games Uprising 3 highlights new Xbox Live Indie Games in September


The "Indie Games Uprising" is back to remind people of the Xbox Live Indie Games Service's existence, and to promote a series of upcoming games. From September 10 through September 20, nine new games will be released as part of the grassroots "Indie Games Uprising III" promotion.

Those games include puzzle-platformer Gateways by Uprising vet Smudged Cat Games and qrth-phyl, an "arcade documentary of classic maze/snake mechanics" by hermitgames. Entries by new developers include Michael Hicks' Sententia, "a game that explores the challenges we face to keep our imagination and creative spirits alive as we grow;" Chris Zukowski's City Tuesday, about a man reliving five minutes before a terrorist attack; tricktale's Roguelike Diehard Dungeon; Gristmill Studios' Xenominer, a "block-building sandbox game;" Autotivity's puzzle game Entropy; the first-person Pixel by Ratchet Game Studios; and a call center strategy game (!) by Andreas Heydeck called Smooth Operators.

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XBLIG Developers Rise Again in the Indie Games Uprising III
August 7th, 2012

The XBLIG/XNA community is rising yet again after last year's blazing hot Summer Uprising with the Indie Games Uprising III. Running from September 10th - 20th, nine Xbox Live Indie Games will be released, one on each day of the work week (Monday - Friday). This year's line-up consists of a wide variety of developers and an even greater variety of unique and innovative games.

XBLA/XBLIG veteran Smudged Cat Games will be making their return to XBLIG with "Gateways", a puzzle platformer that allows you to travel through space and time with a variety of weaponry. Also making a long awaited return is hermitgames, the creator of the critically acclaimed "Leave Home", with "qrth-phyl", an arcade documentary of classic maze/snake mechanics.

While two hardened veterans will be taking part in the Uprising, younger developers will also be releasing several promising projects. 19 year old Michael Hicks will release his third Xbox title, "Sententia", a game that explores the challenges we face to keep our imagination and creative spirits alive as we grow. Chris Zukowski will make his video game debut with the long awaited "City Tuesday", a game where players will control a man who is stuck reliving the final 5 minutes of his life before a terrorist attack.

Gamers eager to get their violence on will find their fix with the rogue-like "Diehard Dungeon" by tricktale and the block-building sandbox game "Xenominer" by Gristmill Studios, the flagship action titles of this year's promotion.

Rounding off the selection is "Entropy", a challenging 3D puzzle game by the newly formed German studio Autotivity, the first person shooter/puzzle game "Pixel" by Ratchet Game Studios, and "Smooth Operators" by Andreas Heydeck, a strategy and simulation game that requires players to build and manage their own call center.

Dave Voyles returns to coordinate this year's event alongside developer Michael Hicks. If you would like to arrange for developer or coordinator interviews, or if you have any other type of inquiry, please contact Dave and Michael at and .

Updates will be posted frequently on Twitter via and on Facebook at . The official Uprising III launch trailer can be viewed at . Please visit for further information on this year's titles.

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