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Intel's Thin Mini-ITX platform gets stuffed inside a monitor


You don't have to build custom motherboards and source specialty components to build a sleek all-in-one PC. At least not anymore, thanks to Intel's Thin Mini-ITX platform, which it debuted roughly a year ago at Computex. The main board is the same footprint as Mini-ITX (that's a 6.7-inch square), but it calls for a much shallower construction -- with horizontally stacked RAM and a shorter port cluster to keep the whole thing under an inch tall. To maintain its sleek physique, Intel pairs the desktop-class Core processor at the heart with a laptop-style heatsink and fan. It's a pretty interesting standard from Chipzilla, which Tech Report ripped into, peeling back all it's layers like a silicon onion. The layout of all the essential jacks does pose a bit of an issue once the whole thing is set up, but its hard not to be impressed by the elegance and simplicity of the system. To see the whole thing torn down, then reassembled inside the chassis of an LCD panel, hit up the source link.

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