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Newest LotRO dev diary showcases customizable warsteeds

MJ Guthrie

As Lord of the Rings Online's expansion Riders of Rohan gallops closer, Turbine has released another video developer diary, this time focusing on the look of the warsteeds. The major revelation in this dev diary is that the warsteeds will be customizable in both appearance (with slots for individual armor pieces) and skills. And the three different types of warsteeds -- light, medium, and heavy -- will have different strengths and trait trees; as players level, they will gain points to allocate into those trees.

The studio also released a host of screenshots showcasing the epic story of the fellowship. In the expansion, players will be able to take part in the iconic moments that lead to the breaking of the Fellowship as well as take up arms to help the Lords of Rohan defend their lands. Players will witness Frodo Baggins wrestle with the decision of which path to take on his way to Mordor and experience the fall and then redemption of Boromir.

Visit the familiar places of Middle-earth in the screenshots below and then watch the full video ofter the break.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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