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SWTOR demoing Ancient Hypergates warzone at Gamescom


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If you happen to be heading to Cologne for Gamescom this month and are a fan of Star Wars PvP, you might want to swing by ol' booth B-082 to get your mitts on the Ancient Hypergates warzone. BioWare stated that this upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic warzone will be playable at the convention.

The studio said that attendees will be able to experience the warzone with either their actual character or a new one rolled on the spot. There's even the possibility that a developer might step in to duke it out alongside players as well.

EA BioWare will be announcing additional details about SWTOR's future at the convention and has announced both prizes and a meet-and-greet for its fans.

Gamescom takes place from August 16th through 19th.

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