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PSA: T-Mobile Galaxy Note now available for your purchasing pleasure

Brad Molen

It's August 8th: do you know where your Samsung Galaxy Note is? If you're a T-Mobile customer, the fantastically famed phablet is now ready to drain your finances. Feel free to head into your local store or go online -- if the idea of a sequel coming in three weeks doesn't deter you from plunking down $250 in exchange for a fresh two-year commitment. Head to the source below to begin your shopping adventure.

Note (no pun intended): Walmart is offering the T-Mobile Galaxy Note for $350 with no contract attached. We're not sure if this is a limited-time deal, but it's strongly worth considering. [Thanks, Joe!]

Update: It look like the Note isn't escaping Wally World without the hook of a contract after all. According to reader emails, Walmart seems to be cancelling orders, noting that "the Samsung Galaxy Note was incorrectly priced on our site, and we have cancelled your order in accordance with our Terms of Use." Boo.

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