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WB bringing 'Game Party Champions' to Wii U this holiday


For those who thought minigame collections were being left behind for the Wii U ... boy, let us tell you about Warner Bros.' Game Party Champions. Featuring skill ball, ping pong, table hockey and hoop shoot; this is the HD iteration of the series that's been lambasted not once, not twice, but three times on the Wii.

Game Party Champions has three modes. Quick Play is for just hopping in, Story Mode is to "prove they're worthy of the 'World Champion' title" and, as the press release states, Party Mode has players taking turns with the WiiPad, while others use Wiimotes and "grief (wreak havoc) on their game." Is that what grief* means in the parlance of the gaming subculture, as defined by Prof. Horatio Newbs of Urbania University? We have learned something today.

*Urban Dictionary, multiple authors, (Internet, Internetia, Urban Dictionary Press, 2012) p.231

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It's Winner Take All as Players Advance to the Become World Champions

An All-New Party on the Wii U Offers Friends and Families Engaging Arcade Fun for All Ages!


BURBANK, Calif. – August 8, 2012 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces Game Party Champions, a challenging game of skill launching exclusively for Wii U™ this holiday season. The latest iteration of the hugely successful Game Party franchise, the game offers players new ways to compete in arcade, sports and party games.

With the Wii U GamePad™, intuitive motions control the gameplay giving players of all skill levels a fun experience. Rendered in eye-catching HD graphics, the game lets players can compete in classic games such as ping pong and skill ball, and modern favorites such as table hockey and hoop shoot.

"Developed specifically for Wii U, Game Party Champions has a fun, pick up-and-play style that experienced and novice gamers will equally enjoy," said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "Players can tilt, turn and swipe the Wii U's revolutionary touch screen controller to play in entirely new ways."

Game Party Champions offers three exhilarating game modes: Quick Play, Story Mode and Party Mode. Players who are hungry for instant action can pick any game and start playing in Quick Play. In Story Mode, players try to outplay each other to prove they're worthy of the "World Champion" title.

In Party Mode, players can see if they are champions by taking their turns with the Wii U GamePad, while the others use Wii Remote™ controllers to grief (wreak havoc) on their game. Players then spin a wheel to see what game they'll play next.

The game is being developed by Phosphor Games

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