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Burner turns your iPhone into a disposable, lets you be faux-shady


Need a throw-away phone number? It's now available as the Burner iPhone app, from a company called Ad Hoc. There's no explanation for how it works technically, but using it looks easy: you pay $2 for the app, which gives you a new phone number that lasts for 20 minutes, 60 texts or seven days. The new digits become your caller ID, and afterwards, you can hit the "burn" key to permanently wipe it from the company's servers, then score additional credits plus a new number, if needed. The company sees it being used for things like Craigslist transactions and dating, but if you have less above-board purposes in mind, be aware -- the privacy policy says it "may disclose your personal data if required by law." Check the source below or the Apple store to get it.

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