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Current Caller ID app adds social info, weather details, suggests a good time to ring back


If staring at the incoming callers' visage just wasn't enough, Current's Caller ID might worth a try. The utility app adds a raft of extra detail to your smartphone when it rings, from recent tweets and status updates through to weather conditions and even location data. After loading up the app, you can connect to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, which Current Caller ID combines with your existing contact list. Based on your use history, the app will even offer up a time to return missed calls. There's the nice addition of some metrics between you and your phonebook, visualizing that precarious balance between text messages and calls with your significant other -- or a timegraph of when you call Mom. These stats are possibly more useful than the caller ID features, and while the design does jar a little with the typical Android aesthetic, it's hard to complain when the app's free. If you're willing to forgive those minor visual flaws, the download awaits at the source below.

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