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Microsoft reportedly settles on 'Windows 8' as replacement for 'Metro'


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We've already heard that Microsoft was temporarily using "Windows 8-style UI" as a substitute for "Metro" now that the latter is on the outs, and it looks like they may now have a permanent replacement. According to some unnamed sources speaking to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft has decided to simply use "Windows 8" as a name for all things once known as Metro. That means "Metro-style applications" will now be known as "Windows 8 applications," and that the "Metro user interface" will now be the "Windows 8 user interface." What's more, Foley also notes that the phrase "Windows 8 apps" has already turned up on the promo page for Lenovo's new ThinkPad Tablet 2, which also indicates that the traditional Windows 8 apps will simply be known as "desktop" apps to distinguish the two. We'll keep you posted if we hear more on the change from Microsoft itself.

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