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Mystery Samsung GT-P8110 tablet passes through the FCC (update: likely not the P10)


We know our fair share about the redesigned Galaxy Note 10.1, but wait -- what's this? Another Samsung tablet, the GT-P8110, has made a trip through the FCC to complicate what was looking to be a simple near-future strategy for the Korean tech giant. The likely Galaxy Tab variant isn't a familiar design by any stretch, with curved sides and the absence of a back antenna window pointing to a change in aesthetics. The wireless features of the 16GB model at the agency are the conservative elements -- there's just 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. Our only current hint at what the unknown slate might be is a mention of the 11.8-inch P10 in court evidence, but we don't know if that's what the P8110 represents or if the P10 is even on track for 2012, as Samsung's roadmap hinted in the past. We're not counting on Mobile Unpacked to shed any more light on the subject than the FCC does today.

Update: We're less inclined to think it's the P10, since the dimensions as we understand them wouldn't realistically support that 11.8-inch screen.

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