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World of Tanks teaser trailer gives taste of enhanced visuals in update 8.0

MJ Guthrie

With World of Tanks' 7.5 patch released just over a week ago, is wasting no time rolling ahead toward patch 8.0. This next update focuses on enhancing the experience of the game through improved visuals and new physics.

In 8.0, a number of maps will receive updated graphics, including Himmelsdorf, Lekville, Fjords, Arctic Region, and Westfield, among others. If your favorite map isn't included, don't fret; the studio notes that maps not getting the improvements this round will be retouched in future updates. The patch will also introduce new physics for more realistic battles. And along with more Soviet TD's for tiers 6 through 10, tank commanders will get to storm the battlefield in the first British Premium tank, the Matilda Black Prince.

Feast your eyes on the graphic upgrades (as well as some apparent games of tank chicken) in the teaser trailer past the cut.

[Source: press release]

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