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    X-Doria Drive-In iPad case perfect for rear seat movie viewing in your car


    There's still time for a summer vacation trip before the kids have to return to school, and one sure way to stop the "Are we there yet?" whining is to let the little ones watch movies as you cruise along in the Family Truckster on the way to Walley World. X-Doria's Drive-In iPad case (US$39.99) is an inexpensive and effective way to position your iPad for optimal rear-seat viewing.


    The Drive-In is an iPad case with a single purpose -- it hangs from a front-row auto seat headrest to let the rear-row passengers watch movies on the iPad. In comparison to some other headrest mounts that I've reviewed, the Drive-In is amazingly simple. There's a buckled strap that goes around the uprights for the headrest -- one click of the buckle and it's installed. Some other headrest mounts required me to remove the headrest temporarily just to get the thing on, or had complex thumbscrew mechanisms that were a pain to adjust.

    Not so with the Drive-In. Throw the strap around the headrest uprights, click the buckle, and pull on the strap if you want the Drive-In to be snugged up to the headrest a bit more. Done.

    The Drive-In also has a nice little mesh pocket that snaps to the back of the case. Want to put some crayons in there for the kiddos? Zip them into the pocket, unsnap the pocket, and they'll have access to the crayons when they want 'em.

    When you decide to claim your iPad back from the kids, it's a simple matter to remove the iPad. The entire top side of the case is open, and the iPad can be pulled out in seconds.


    As with the X-Doria Sleeve Stand, the Drive-In is a deceptively simple design that is very well-executed. Don't spend more than $40 on a rear-seat mount for an iPad.


    • Inexpensive
    • Simple design makes it easy to install and remove, and the iPad is inserted or removed from the Drive-In in seconds
    • Helpful pocket for holding other goodies the kids may want access to
    • Well constructed


    • Although $40 is inexpensive compared to some other mount kits, it seems like this could be sold at a lower price. There's just not that much to the case in terms of materials.

    Who is it for?

    • Parents who want the kids to be able to watch movies on the iPad but don't want to spend too much


    We've got a stash of X-Doria goodies to give away today, including the Drive-In. There's also a Sleeve Stand (valued at $29.99), a fun and unique Cubit iPhone 4/4S case (valued at $24.99), a clear protective Defense 360° iPhone 4/4S case (valued at $29.99), and a Defense Pro iPhone 4/4S Self-Healing Screen Protector (valued at $19.99). Here are the rules for the giveaway:

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