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11 Bit Studios announces Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalker's Journey, and an Anomaly sequel


Mobile gaming dev 11 Bit Studios (probably most notable for putting together Anomaly: Warzone Earth for iOS, Android, and the PC) has announced three new titles coming out in the next few months for mobile platforms. First up, Anomaly Korea is another take on the popular reverse tower defense title, featuring new units, new powers, and new levels to battle through.

Funky Smugglers is a colorful, cartoony game that puts the player in the role of a '70s airport security agent, trying to keep crazy characters from sneaking certain items past the checkpoint. Sleepwalker's Journey is the last release, a sleepy, artistic puzzle platforming game that has you guiding a "Moonboy" through a fantasy world.

11 Bit promises more information on all of these games at Gamescom next week, so we'll look for that then.

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