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'AMC The Walking Dead Social Game' seeking brains in open beta

Jordan Mallory

AMC The Walking Dead Social Game, a Facebook game set in AMC's Walking Dead television universe, which isn't to be confused with Telltale's Walking Dead universe or Image Comics' Walking Dead universe, has entered open beta.

The game (playable here) features all the prerequisite expendable resources of a Facebook game, requiring the player to spend energy to move, attack, heal themselves, etc. Weapons can either be purchased with in-game currency or with in-game currency purchased with real-world dollars, also just like you'd expect.

Some of the zombies out and about in the world have pictures of your Facebook friends floating above them, and upon death will prompt you with the option to post an automated invite on said friend's wall. Now that we think about it, Facebook games and a zombie pandemic actually have a lot in common -- first it happens to someone you know, then someone you love, and then, when all hope is lost, it happens to you.

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