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Daily iPhone App: Super Mole Escape is high-speed digging fun


Super Mole Escape is the latest title from Adult Swim Games, a publisher that's been surprisingly adept (for a television network, anyway) at bringing great games out on iOS. This one is put together by the same studio that did Robot Unicorn Attack, and it's an endless runner in the vein of Jetpack Joyride that has you digging down instead of running to the side. In that sense, it's also akin to the popular Duckers -- you guide a mole down through the dirt, trying to collect gems to gain speed boosts and other powerups on the way.

Like all of these endless runners, the goal is just to get as far as you can (in this case before the mole police catch up with you), and there are all kinds of upgrades and extra characters to buy as well. The action is fun, goofy, and colorful -- tilting isn't my favorite mechanic (I think I'd rather be able to draw a line on the screen or guide the mole a little more accurately), but it works, and nailing all of the gems in a line gives that very rewarding speed boost.

Super Mole Escape is another gem in Adult Swim's princely crown on the App Store. It's a little more derivative than Robot Unicorn Attack or the great Monsters Ate My Condo (two other AS-published titles), but it's still a nice bit of fun for just 99 cents.

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